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The mission of McCrossan Boys Ranch School in Sioux Falls, in partnership with families and the community, is to provide high-quality education in a safe, positive environment that maximizes the potential of all students, thereby encouraging lifelong learning and developing productive citizens. McCrossan School strives to complement their partner, McCrossan Boys Ranch, in the success of providing “New Hope for a Better Life”.

McCrossan Boys Ranch School in Sioux Falls is accredited through the South Dakota State Department of Education, coordinated by Teachwell Solutions, and is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity education to the residential students of McCrossan Boys Ranch.  In addition to providing students a comprehensive education, the school also offers students the opportunity to recover credits through Edgenuity. This program has allowed many students to recover credits that they have missed and graduate on time with their peers.

Students at McCrossan Boys Ranch have had the ability to go on incentive trips for good behavior reports during the month. These trips are done each and every month and are typically activities like arcade trips, bowling, fishing and museums. The school not only goes on monthly trips but it brings in volunteer speakers to come and share life experiences with the students. People of all professions have taken the time to come out and talk with the boys throughout the year and it is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

McCrossan Boys Ranchin Sioux Falls promotes healthy eating and physical activity to all of its clients. The Ranch provides clients with three well-balanced meals per day and a nutritious after school snack and educates clients regarding good eating habits and proper nutrition. The Ranch offers daily, planned time for recreation after school and on weekends using the gymnasium, fitness room, weight room and recreation room located on Ranch. Clients may participate in extra-curricular based programs which promote physical activity, such as YMCA basketball, McCrossan Wrangler Cross County or Track and Field. A physical education course is also offered for credit through the Ranch school.

For more information on how to promote physical activity to children, click on the links below for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and Shape Up America. These organizations are not affiliated with McCrossan Boys Ranch, and therefore do not endorse services, products, advertising, or viewpoints that may be expressed on our website.

CDC Verb - Materials for Adults

CDC Verb - Active Families Brochure

CDC Verb - American Indian Active Families Brochure

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CDC Verb - Asian American Active Families Brochure

Shape Up America!

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