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All boys participate in daily group sessions to address issues consistent with their treatment at the Ranch.  McCrossan extensively uses the Truthought® model in group sessions to work on anger management, corrective thinking, victim empathy, social skills and other relevant topics.   

The Ranch works with licensed therapists (Qualified Mental Health Professionals) to provide individual therapy to all Ranch residents.  Based on the boys' needs, arrangements for family therapy will be made. 

McCrossan also provides certified equine assisted psychotherapy for our residents throughout the year.  This type of therapeutic approach has an incredible impact on our boys to address a variety of mental health and human development needs.  Some of those needs are behavioral issues, ADHD, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship problems and communication needs. This therapy is done by using a qualified therapist and an equine professional working together to provide an atmosphere that allows our boys to utilize non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, confidence and attitude.

Non Profit Sioux Falls

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Spiritual Programs

McCrossan has working relationships with psychiatrists who come to the Ranch, on a regular basis, to meet the psychiatric and psychotropic medication needs of the boys. 

Restorative Justice

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Non Profit Sioux Falls
Non Profit Sioux Falls
Non Profit Sioux Falls

If you are trying to refer a boy to McCrossan Boys Ranch or have placement questions please use our Parent Resource Guide form. Thank you!

Chemical Dependency

Psychiatric Care

Moral Development

Through a partnership with Keystone Community Solutions, the Ranch offers several levels of programming and chemical dependency groups for our residents. Depending on the needs of each individual, services may include preventative care, intensive outpatient treatment or aftercare programming.     

Non Profit Sioux Falls
Non Profit Sioux Falls

For those boys who have court-ordered restitution or community service hours, the Ranch strives to make it a priority to fulfill these obligations while in placement. There are several on and off-campus opportunities each week for residents to get community service hours, or restitution fulfilled. 

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The Ranch offers a variety of activities designed to enhance the moral development of the boys. Our SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) club is one of the numerous extracurricular activities that residents are able to take part in on campus and in the community.  

McCrossan offers an on-campus worship service in our chapel each Sunday. We also give youth the opportunity to attend weekly bible studies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other spiritual offerings.  McCrossan employs a chaplain to meet the spiritual needs and development of our youth.   


McCrossan is proud to offer high quality services for our residents.  We have several well-established relationships within the Sioux Falls community to ensure we are able to provide for the needs of each individual at the Ranch.